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Voices of the forgotten women

av PMU
  • Författare: Birger Thureson
  • Utgivningsår: 2009
  • ISBN: 978-91-7387-045-0
  • Copyright: Birger Thureson and Libris Publishers, Örebro Sweden
  • Sidor: 150

Every year, thousands of women are subjected to brutal sexual violence that has become part of the war in Congo-Kinshasa. For many of them the suffering is doubled when after the violation they are shunned by their relatives and regarded as tainted by the enemy.

Doctor Denis Mukwege, founder and supervisor of Panzi hospital in Bukavu, has become the global spokesperson for these violated women. The writer and journalist Birger Thureson has met Denis Mukwege and some of the violated women who are being treated at the Panzi hospital.

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